Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day Twenty Nine

Almost across the finish line! Of course, I had a very busy day and just as I was sitting down at 5 p.m. To start my late daily painting, the phone rings! It's my youngest and he's run out of gas. So, off I go to rescue my kid, who was very thankful and feeling very happy all it interrupted was the daily painting! Plus, I got to see a fantastic sunset and listen to some great music. Sometimes the interruptions are the best part of the day!

Returning home, I made dinner and settled down to paint, finally, about 7 p.m.! This painting is from a sketch In another sketchbook I drew down in Florida several years ago, that I never got to paint. Well, there was way, way too much detail for such a small painting. Maybe too much for a larger one! But that's what the sketchbook is for, to figure that out before your into a larger painting and you ruin a big sheet of expensive paper! I now know a lot I would do and not do in a larger painting.

Anyway, I was too rushed to produce much of anything I'm proud of. But it is a daily painting. Tomorrow I will wrap this up with some final thoughts and the last of 30 daily paintings!

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