Friday, January 25, 2013

Day Twenty Five

Art can, and should, be personal. Often, the story behind the painting sells it. As it was snowing outdoors I was looking for inspiration this morning. A trip to the grocer netted zilch. If I'm not excited about the subject, it seems to show in the painting. So back to the photos, looking for something that speaks to me.

I found a photo of a lunch we had (yeah, Tom and I like our food so much we take pictures!) while in port in Greece. These prawns were gigantic and it was all you can eat! There we sat, next to the water and colorful Greek fishing boats, sun shining, skies blue, water beautiful--gorging ourselves on prawns and the rest of our meal. Truly a memory I will never forget.

And that might make it personal enough. But more than that, it was a trip my Dad took his kids on after my mom passed away. We are moving my dad in our home in the next few weeks, and I can't help but think about how many things and places I've seen thanks to my dad! Not only am I a military brat and he dragged us all over the world, but after he retired-he never lost that wander lust and continued to travel with my mom for years, until she couldn't anymore.

So this painting is a sort of tribute to the places I've seen and the memories I will always have of distant places and far off shores I might never have traveled on my own. This represents that adventuresome spirit and the man who took me there!

Thanks dad! I might just have the bug now...

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