Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day Six

Day six. I had no inspiration! That's a problem for an artist! One idea I use to push past this is to look at the everyday with new eyes. Look for things you pass by without noticing. I look for colors and interesting shapes. I also tend to find organic things interesting and always find things from "life" much more inspirational than subjects from a photo. Yes, even this dead sunflower in real time is more inspiring to me than a photo of a beautiful flower. (Yes, I do use photos)
I also find using a limited palette helps by limiting choices and forcing creative use of paints and mixtures. A limited palette also gives a painting color harmony automatically. This painting was done with Alizarian Crimson, raw sienna and ultramarine blue. Before I overworked the center, I had some beautiful color mixes going! Knowing when to stop, that's the thing!
Tomorrows post will be later in the day, since I have life drawing from 1-3pm. Hopefully, I will have something I am not to ashamed of!
Until tomorrow!

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